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Project Outsourcing ( BPO & IT )

Evergreen’s business process outsourcing provider from India for small to medium businesses. If you are looking for a highly reliable business process outsourcing supplier you are at the right place.

Since 2004, we at Evergreen have successfully completed 100's of business process outsourcing projects for businesses from US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. By outsourcing projects to us, businesses can cut their costs by as much as 50%. We don't just cut costs, but we also help you achieve better operational efficiency.

What processes can you outsource?

  • Accounting and bookkeeping related process
  • Data entry and internet research related process
  • Call center and customer support processes
  • Financial analysis and calculation related process
  • Remote technical support processes (via remote connection, chat or phone)
  • Software development and related process
  • Web design and other design related processes
  • SEO, Social media and other marketing processes
  • Other custom processes that is unique to your business

What are your benefits?

  • You get better operational efficiency
  • You get instant access to highly qualified staff
  • You can expand your business quickly (without additional investments)
  • You reduce your risks associated with business expansion
  • You get cost savings of 50% (usually more)
  • You get an outsourcing partner with several years of experience

Why Evergreen for business process outsourcing?

  • Expertise in working with small to medium businesses
  • Trusted by 100+ businesses across USA, UK, Canada and Australia
  • Local offices in USA and UK for immediate support
  • Modern high security offices with 1200+ staff
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and data security systems
  • Highly qualified staff from top universities to work on your projects

If your process is well established at your offices and if you want to outsource it, we will be able to quickly replicate your process at our office in India. If the process that you wish to outsource is entirely new then we will newly establish the process for you. We have successfully carried out 100's of BPO projects for businesses all across the globe.

You can either start small to test the process or quickly start with a large outsourced operation. We are happy either way and we have successfully setup several outsourced operations over the years and so we are very confident of making your business process outsourcing a success. We look forward to supporting your business process outsourcing requirements.