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CCTV & Biometrics Manufacturing, Distribution & Installation

Evergreen presents itself as a ONE-STOP-SECURITY SHOP for your security needs. 

We come into market with a concept, where our services satisfies End user requirement,

We offer a wide array of products and solutions which are state-of-the-art, reliable and high quality services products

In order to simplify the individuals requirement we have classified our customer in 2 different sectors viz:

Commercial sector: We understand the value & importance of this wide sector according to their needs. We secure valuable Assets, from large corporate to budding entrepreneurs.

Corporate Sectors we secure their assets by CCTV surveillance, Fire Alarm Systems. Access control via Fingerprint Door Lock, Bio metric & proximity Card Access control.

Small Business/Budding entrepreneurs can secure their valuables by CCTV surveillance & DSC (digital security control). DSC is being monitored 24X7 by Central Monitoring Team, securing the area from Fire, Theft and Burglary by alarming you remotely in few minutes even in odd hrs. 

Residential Sector, we understand your care & worry for your loved ones. To secure them from any intrusion we offer VIDEO DOOR BELLS  for external threat & HAS (Home Alarm System) HAS secure your HOME from LPG Gas leak to force full entry, also scenes any motion inside house when you are away. Like DSC it also get monitored & alarms you to reduce any Loss.

It’s not a Luxury but a necessity to bring Peace of Mind & secure your HARD EARNED money.

Still giving a second thought??? 

To make you understand the concept Allow us for free sessions & Demos at your convenient Time & Place.